The Art of Giving Back


Meet The Staff

Through our love for Tomasa Heredia, we remain connected and dedicated to each other and our community.  We come together annually in celebration of life. On December 26. 2018 we celebrated the life Tomasa Heredia lived by doing what she enjoyed doing: giving back to her community. Thanks to the "staff" Yuleisi, Deyni, Clara, Negra and Altagracita.  This would not have happened without them.

Our Community

Villa Mella Community Center

Casa Vieja Centro Comunal is the barrio's local community center located in the heart of the neighborhood and accessible to the residents for any community event.

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Where we call home

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and the first place that Christopher Columbus arrived to in 1942. At that time it was called "Hispaniola". It is also called "Quisqueya" the name given to it by the indigenous peoples already in inhabiting the island. The Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti and is a Spanish-Speaking Caribbean Country.  

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